Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little voices in my head tell me bad things...

I'll just start out by saying I was not in the mood to run last night!  I hadn't eaten enough and wasn't hydrated enough so knew it was gonna be bad.  And bad it was.  About 2 minutes into the 2nd 9 minute run this little voice started telling me "Go ahead and stop running...nobody will can make it up tomorrow".  I slowed down to a point where people walking WOULD be moving faster than me.  My arms were moving as if I was sprinting, but the feet were barely moving in a forward direction.  HotRod WAS walking. But I told myself it was now or never, and it would feel so good when I completed the workout as it is suppose to be done.  I am happy (and proud) to say I kept running.  The final 9 minute run really wasn't all that bad.  Never underestimate the power of the mental game.  It can make or break you. 
This is how I felt last night...just wanted to lie down and do nothing.