Monday, October 26, 2009

I ran my 2nd 5k and lived to tell the tale...

The weather was suppose to be 90% chance of showers, but thankfully the rain held off until later in the day.  I may be forced to admit that if I am going to run during the winter months I will need to wear a warm hat.  I really HATE wearing hats - I don't have good hair for it.

The run was held in Kirkland Washington @ Marina Park.  This is a really beautiful place to run as the view is of Lake Washington and the surrounding areas.  The vendors and speakers were all under the building in the background of the above picture.

I must admist that I was apprehensive at the start of the race.  I have been having breathing issues, and was worried my lack of training would make it worse - especially since the air was so cold.  I started to have trouble in the first mile, and then settled in to a slightly easier pace and it wasn't so bad.  I did get a cramp in my lower left leg about 1/2 way through, but was able to work through and keep going.  It hurt like a bugger when I finished, but today it's very minor.  In the end I was only 1 minute slower than my first 5k, which I think is a victory given the stress of the last 4 weeks.  Now I am thinking of walking the half marathon, November 29th, as part of the Seattle Marathon.  I know I am not in condition to run that distance yet, but I know I can walk it.  Hopefully I can talk a few friends into doing it with me.   

I am going to my Doctor to have my breathing issues checked out on Wednesday.  Hopefully it is just something very minor.  I shouldn't be huffing and puffing after 10 weeks of training that's for dang sure.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ooops I did it again...

On Wednesday I signed myself up for the next 5k run.  Only problem is the run is THIS Sunday.  My training has been very sporadic for the last few weeks, but I figure I can use it as just another training run - albeit a very painful training run.  It is going to be pouring down rain (90% chance of showers), so lack of training won't be the only consideration.

Wish me luck - I'll let you know how it went.

I have also registered for the Vancouver (BC) half marathon on May 2, 2010 - so I have that goal sitting out there waiting for me.  I figure I'll need it to get me through the winter training season.  Hopefully we won't have anything near the amount of snow we had in the photo below!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today was a good run...

Even though it was in a torrential downpour!  Since I have lived in Washington my whole life running in the rain is pretty normal.  I even managed to go out in the short window when the wind wasn't blowing sideways.  My dog, on the other hand, is a rainy day wuss!  We were about 11 minutes into the run when he just sat down in a puddle and said he wasn't going any further today.  No amount of cajoling would get him to listen to reason.  Poor boy thought it was raining acid and he was getting burned. ;)  I did decide to indulge him and ran back home.  I felt good about the outing even if it it was not quite as long as I wanted it to be. 

I am currently trying to put together a winter time indoor workout plan.  I got my mountain bike back from my sister, my roommate got her treadmill fixed, and I have a weight bench, weights, and rehab tubing.  I think I can keep my workouts interesting even if I can't get outdoors.  I still need to get a trak stand to turn my bike into an exercise bike.  I used to have one, but gave it away...part of the reason I turned into a middle aged couch potato in the first place...

Gotta go - UW vs Arizona State football is about to start.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away.....

I can't seem to get myself back together after the last two stressful weeks.  My goal is to go backwards to the week before I ran my 5k and start over.  I tried several times to run last week and I just didn't have it - my feet hurt again, couldn't breathe, basically looked and felt like I was in the first week or so of training.  I brought my mountain bike back from sister Julie's yesterday, so will have another way to exercise this winter when it's too dark to run outside.  I am going to get a trak stand and use it indoors.  My oldest brother will also send the Nordic Trak back to me.  This old machine has made the rounds of most family members over the years, but is still in pretty good shape.

My Dad is out of the hospital and into a rehab facility in Stanwood  and will hopefully be home in no time.  I think the fact that my sister refused to bring him a computer to use while he's there will give him the motivation to get stronger and get HOME!  Mom is coping, but very tired. 

Wish me success in my renewed focus on my work out schedule.  I'll (of course) let you know how it goes.

Hopefull I won't have to run in anything resembling last year's snow this winter - I'm pretty sure I would stay indoors and drink hot toddies instead!  Here is a shot of the front steps on Christmas Day 2008. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How JueSue got her groove back...

Not really, but it made a great sounding title wouldn't you say?

Still not doing well on my running for a number of very valid reasons.  I had to euthanize my whippet, Gracie, on Monday night.  That is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but I couldn't watch her suffer anymore.  Hopefully she is having a great time chasing bunnies pain free now. 

Last night I took a run and was suppose to do 18 mins run, 1 min walk, 12 mins run.  Wow!  I could barely run for 5!  Everything hurt so I just decided I could give myself a break for now and not push it.  I will get to where I was, but it will take time.  Of course it is pretty much dark when we finish now, so I will have to move my workout indoors or run at lunchtime and force my co-workers to endure my sweaty self all afternoon. Either way I will not stop.

Oh yeah...most of you won't know who the heck JueSue is.  Well, in my family there are 6 kids (now old farts) and the names are Jim, Jon, Julie, Jeff, Jerry, and Sue.  Can't you just hear the song 'One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn't belong'?  In correct order I come after Julie. I fought like hell at age 6 to get Mom & Dad to name the youngest Michael, but it was a no go.  My parents and brothers would always say the wrong name first - so either JueSue or SueJue.  Some of my friends thought that the perfect way to give me a J name, so now I am JueSue to the Bellingham gang.  I rather like it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not the best week for running...

Or anything else for that matter.  I have not run or even stretched since the race last Sunday.  I gave myself Monday & Tuesday off...and then my Dad ended up in the hospital on Tuesday night.  He had a stent put into one coronary artery, and then a quadruple bypass on Thursday morning.  He had no symptoms whatsoever, and the surgeon told them they are seeing more and more that diabetes masks the symptoms.  I'm thinking I should have my heart tested...I don't have diabetes but I do have sleep apnia.  It wouldn't hurt since I just started my little exercise program.  I also have a little flutter that makes me cough every once in a while.  My Dad just said "Oh, you got that from your Grandma Hopper".  Great. 

I am on my way out to run right now.  I have found that I missed it this week.