Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Steps...

Today I started training again ~ going back to the very beginning ~ where I started last August.  It was beautiful during our walk/jog today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did very little jogging, but I can't afford to rush my workouts and chance hurting myself again.  I also set up my bicycle resistance trainer and took my first "ride" in the house.  This is going to be so good for my knees and overall fitness level which I know is so very important.  The knees feel pretty good several hours after our walk and that is encouraging. 

I bought a coupler for my dogs and used it for the first time today.  What I was looking for was a bungee leash and coupler, but the one I ended up buying worked well ~ HotRod gets to correct Anneke instead of me and that is a good thing.  She has no choice but to stay up with him.

I am excited to see where I will be in 8 weeks.  I am still signed up for the half in Vancouver on May 2nd ~ but I do not believe I can get into that kind of shape in time.  Either way I will be there supporting my friends who may be running the full marathon for the first time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My friends ran the half for me...

On my birthday.  How's that for friendship? :0)   They are actually training to possibly run the full marathon up in Vancouver on May 2nd.  It's not a distance I ever imagine myself contemplating, but maybe once you run the half a few times you start to think you might be able to do it. 

My birthday extended all the way through out last weekend and I had a blast.  The sun was shining - which always makes me happy, and I got to spend it with good friends, which also always makes me happy.  It was a birthday I hope everyone can experience in their lifetime.  Whooohoooo I'm 50!  Age is just a number and you can feel old at 25 and someone else feels young at 70.  Me...I would rather feel young at 70 or even 80.  I'll let you know how it goes. :0)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm gray, fabulous, and 50!

How do you like them apples?  I couldn't have a better day - blue skies, sunshine, and it's the weekend.  The trifecta!!  I asked the question the other day if it was weird to be happy about turning 50.  I did receive a wide array of comments ~ don't worry it's ok, don't get your panties in a wad over it, and enjoy.  I fully intend to enjoy this day to the fullest.

I'm looking forward to dinner with friends this evening at Buca di Beppo - which is also where we celebrated my 40th.  Many of the same people will be there as I am blessed to have had some of these people in my life since elmentary school.  Tomorrow I will be having brunch with another group of friends at a wonderful restaurant at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle called Chinooks.  I'll need to get back to work on Monday to get some rest! :0)

I did buy myself a gift yesterday ~ that resistance trainer I have been going on and on about so I can ride my bike indoors. That should really help my knees get stronger and ready for whatever I throw at them this year. 

I hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

7 days and counting to my big 5 OH!

I won't make my goal of running a half marathon by my Birthday, and with my knee still a bit wobbly I am not quite sure when it may happen.  But I won't stop pushing toward my goal of a healthy life. 

This past week was extremely stressful, but I decided it was now or never and made a proposition to my boss that could earn me a bigger paycheck and help the company at the same time.  Hopefully he'll have come up with a plan of some sort and will tell me tomorrow.  Cross your fingers everyone.  I have been with the company for 20 years, and the only way to make a move is to create a new job for yourself.  At 50 I am taking stock of things, and I need to decided what I want for myself and go out there and take it.

Unfortunately I had a massive migraine all weekend, so no exercise of any sort was under taken.  It is almost gone tonight - yahoooo! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  Hope you all got to spend it with the ones you love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Sunday night, do you know where my youth went...

My body is feeling it's age today.  My knee is much better than it was earlier in the week, but still sore and slightly un-stable.  It's hard to explain...but it feels like my knee could just come apart at any moment.  That would definitely NOT be enjoyable.  I still need to get a resistance trainer for my bike so I can at least stay active while I take a break from running.  I do still have to walk the dogs, and if you have ever tried to walk a couple of whippets when they really want to get somewhere you know they can really drag you along.    Of course they then stop right in front of you so you have to do a little hip hop dance trying not to fall over them.

Most of my pain is on the medial side of my left knee and the knee cap doesn't work quite right.  It is suppose to just go up and down along a little groove...but mine goes up and to the left - it doesn't feel particularly good I must say.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Déjà Vu all over again...

When I woke up this morning my left knee was very sore, swollen, and weak.  All I have done in the last few days is walk.  It started to hurt on my runs over the weekend so I ended up walking most of it anyway.  It is now both the knee cap and the cartilage. I had two surgeries on both back in the early 90's.  The Doc told me at the time the cartilage was disintegrating and I would eventually need a knee replacement. They even loosened and re-positioned muscle & tendon where they attach to the outside of the knee in order for the knee cap to track properly.  They call that maneuver a "lateral release".  The last few years it has felt much better, so I thought maybe I could run and be OK.  This could be a huge set back for me.  I should lay off and not work out...but the big event is looming.  I may have to take a serious look at my goals and decide what I really want, and what I can do physically.  It may not be possible to run the half in May, but I haven't given up all hope of making it happen.  It is just exceedingly disappointing. 

If you look at my knees in this photo you can see why it is no wonder I am having trouble at my age!