Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The halfway point...

At least for the initial 'get off the couch' plan.  So much has been accomplished in 4 weeks, but guess what...I have gained 2 lbs.  I know (at least I hope) this is due to fat moving to muscle, but it is a little disappointing.  I would have hoped for at least a little weight loss with the better meal plans and greatly increase energy output.  I have only 2 weeks to go before my first 5k race and I am looking forward to it.  It will be a blast as I will be going with friends - although most of them will be running the 1/2 marathon - but we will all be there to savor the moment.  The only real pain I am experiencing is tendonitis in my "good" knee, so I bought one of those little braces. Color me surprised when it really did work.

My friend, Dawn, emailed to say how proud she is of me, and my focus on the goal.  (OCD can help alot with focus).  Everyone has been extremely supportive and you all ROCK!.  It just doesn't feel the same without the well wishes (and goading when necessary) of friends and family.

Now I need to find the exercise plan that will move me up to the next intermediate goal.  A huge Thank You to everyone who has read my blog and given me great feedback and encouragement.
This photo is of Dawn and I just a few weekends ago - and if you look closely at the clipping below it you can see her on the right hand side of the front row below.  Seems we have been friends for a very long time.   

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