Saturday, November 28, 2009

Runner Girl stared Black Friday right in the eyes...

And Black Friday blinked!!  That could be just a bit of an exaggeration, but I did what I had to do.  It never occured to me when I decided to walk the half at the Seattle Marathon on November 29th, that packet pickup was on Black Friday..only a few blocks from Macy's and Nordstrom in downtown Seattle.  Anyone that knows me would tell you I have no directional skills.  I get lost going to places I have been to before, and really hate cities because I lose my way quite easily.  And this time I was doing it alone - a fairly scary thought for me.  I knew it would be nuts to drive my car since I would probably end up in the middle of the parade, so it was public transit time.  One thing in my favor is that you can get out in the transit tunnel, go up the stairs, and walk right into Macys.  But this was the day after Thanksgiving and the place was MOBBED!  I had the directions in my head on how to get those few little blocks from there to the Westin Hotel, but once in the store I got completely turned around - of course I had to check out handbags and jewelry.  The exits all tell you which street they lead out to, but that pesky little directional issue reared it's ugly I go out on 3rd? Onto Pine?  Maybe 6th?  I chose one and stepped out into the end of the danged parade!!!!  Cheerleaders, band kids, and beaming parents everywhere.  I got around them, remembered to turn left at the next corner and hallelujah there was the Westin!  Lucky for me they are round towers and hard to miss. 

But I still had to get back to the transit tunnel to catch the bus back across Lake Washington to the East side.  Easier said than done.  I came out on the wrong side of the Hotel so had to make a few tentative choices, and finally found my way back.  Yay for me!  I sat... and waited for my bus...but for some unknown reason failed to get on when it arrived and then left.  What a dunderhead.  It did give me lots of time to people watch and check out the new light rail trains as they came and went...came and went...Finally my bus arrived, again, and my adventure was over. 

Sad thing is I don't get to walk tomorrow due to the torn catilage in my knee, but I was going to pick up my packet because I wanted that shirt!  I paid my money and I wanted it!!! There are no refunds in running events. I picked up Maureen's goodie bag too, so will get that to her eventually.

I wish I had my camera with me (left it at my Parent's on Thanksgiving) because it was a gorgeous day in Seattle.  The sun was shining, just a few fluffy clouds hanging out in the sky, and just the perfect temperature.  All in all it was a pretty grand day.  Take that Black Friday!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Long time no talk!

The last two weeks have flown past and now it is almost Thanksgiving.  I don't know how that happened...but it's here whether I'm ready or not. 

My knee is healing slowly, but I have started walking again.  I am going to hold off running for another week or two just to be sure.  I am going to miss the half marathon I was registered for this Sunday, but I AM going to go down and pick up my shirt and hang out at Expo.  Right now I am not registered for any races other than running the half at the Vancouver Marathon in June 2010.  I definitely want to get a few more 5k races under my belt and hopefull a few 10k as well. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thansgiving.  I have plenty to be Thankful for this year - my Dad survived his heart attack and surgery, and continues to gain in strength every day. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Puppies can be hazardous to your health!

Yesterday I brought home a little red puppy...and promptly tripped over her and wrenched my bad knee.  I generally tear the cartiledge at least once a year anyway, but this could really impact my next event.  I am registered to walk a half marathon on November 29th, and my friend Maureen is going to walk it with me.  I have to hope my knee will allow me to train - or it could be a very long day!  Here is the culprit - Little Boots when she was 6 weeks old. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Runner Girl is back...

I had lost my focus and momentum over the last 6 weeks due to multiple stressors, but I'm back.  This morning I ran my first 30+ minute training run, and it felt good - both physically and mentally
Friday I worked out on the treadmill upstairs, and it wasn't bad.  I have been worried about how I was going to keep my training up during the long, dark, rainy winter - and had lost my will power over food yet again.  Last week I ate a whole package of Oreo cookies - the cream ones not the chocolate.  I love them!!  Today I feel much better and will get some healthier foods in the fridge to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I am on my way up to see my Mom & Dad, so hopefully she has not baked anything I can't resist.  That Woman can COOK! 

In one month I will walk the half at the Seattle Marathon.  My friend, Maureen, is going to walk it with me.  I am looking forward to it...but it is going to be COLD.  Then it will be the Jingle Bell Run in Bellingham WA on December 12th.  I am also registered to run the half at the Vancouver BC Marathon next June.  That should be good motivation to keep me going!

I am so glad I started down this road - it feels good to take control.