Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not Wind nor Rain nor...

Christmas dinner will keep me from my training regimen for the Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon in June 2013. be perfectly honest I did take 3 weeks off from training for various less than adequate reasons, but I am back on track now. 

On Christmas eve I ran 3 reps of 12 minutes followed by 1 minute of walking and finished up with a rep of run 8 minutes and walked the rest of the way home.  Yesterday I upped it to 3 reps of run 15 minutes.  Not too bad except for the 6 minutes spent running up a fairly steep and lengthy hill.  My arms were swinging and my feet were moving but I am not quite sure you could consider it "running". 

I can no longer use my out and back route, so will have to branch out to other neighborhoods.  Problem is there are lots of dead ends and very little shoulder so running safely is a bit of a problem.  Yesterday I added a new loop, and when needed there is one more loop that can be incorporated, but all in all it doesn't add up to more than about 5-6 miles.  I guess when the time comes I can start running it twice.  It is very hilly, making it necessary to find a nice flat route somewhere so I am set to run any terrain they throw at me.  I am guessing the Seattle Half Marathon route will be hilly because it is after all...Seattle.

Now I need to get my diet in check and I should be in shape in plenty of time for June 2nd. 

To Gu or Not To Gu...That is the Question...