Thursday, September 3, 2009

I was dreaming that my knees were really hurting...

And then I woke up - and they really were hurting.  It pisses me off when I have pain in dreams.  If for some strange reason I manage to get to sleep despite the pain...I should NOT have to feel it while in said sleep state.  I got up and took some Advil, which did eventually help, but I'm still pissed off hours later.  I do think the pain is arthritis jabbing me due to the change in weather and not my workout regime, but I think I better back off a little until things stabilize. 

Only 170 more days until my 50th Birthday.  If I can't find an official half marathon to run by that time I am going to organize my friends and have them run one with me as part of my Birthday party.  I wonder what we should call it?  The Sue Hopper Doomsday Run? :0)  I think I will make up some t-shirts and goody bags!
I found this old, yellowed piece of newspaper recently when looking thru all my old pictures - taken in 1972.  I'm the cool one on the end of the back row on the right.  You can't tell but my sweatshirt was tie dyed, and you gotta dig those Daisy Dukes.

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