Saturday, September 5, 2009

Did I get the wrong shoes?

The right shoes can make a huge difference in how you feel when you run.  On the other hand the wrong shoes can make you miserable.  I bought a stability shoe - the ASICS Gel-1140.  Now that I am running more and walking less the arch of this shoe is really causing pain in my foot, and up the back of my leg.  There are so many different types of shoes now that it is difficult for me to find the right one.  Do you have a high arch and overpronate?  There's a shoe for that.  Or if you suponate and have no arch - there's a shoe for that.  I pronate slightly and have a medium to high arch.  Now I need to find the right shoe for me.  But...I paid a bunch of money for these shoes and can't really afford to be buying more.  This is basically the only pain I have when running, so I need to get this taken care of quickly.  Stay tuned for more as the shoe turns...

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  1. Because I live in Smalltown America (read "no decent running shoes at Walmart"), I buy my shoes on line through Road Runner Sports. At one point, I called one of their shoe consultants who was very helpful in trouble-shooting my problem (of course, I had purchased the wrong pair of shoes and had to get a different pair, but the new pair was PERFECT -- over the phone!). Also, I have had a bad pair of shoes salvaged by getting better insoles.

    As an aside, I have yet to find a pair of shoes that can compensate for the pounding my feet take when my body suddenly goes from 7 mph to 35 mph compliments of my running "partners."