Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who's Zoomin Who?

Basically that's all I heard last night.  With HotRod attached at my waist everyone - and I do mean everyone - wanted to know who was walking whom?  Toward the latter part of the walk/run workout HotRod was doing most of the work pulling me along.  But that's not really cheating is it?  I tried to get a picture of us "in harness" but HotRod wanted nothing to do with the camera.  Gracie, OTOH, kept jumping into the shot.  She's the lovely blur in the foreground.
Last night was run 3 minutes/walk 1 minute x 6, and then run a final 2 minutes.  The hardest part was minute 2 of the 3 minute run.  Not quite sure why that is.  Today my knees are a bit more sore, so not sure how I will do when I have to move up to 6 minute runs on Friday.  I may have to back off just a bit, but hopefully not too much.  Today it is my patellar tendons that hurt, and that hasn't been a problem in a very long time.  I may try a brace, or just see if I can work through it with ice and stretching. 

We did have a less than fun adventure as some Dick Head of a Yahoo decided it would be fun to scare us.  He swerved as if he was going to run us into the ditch.  At that point HotRod was already standing in the ditch sniffing and I was on the very edge.  This yahoo swerves to the point where his tires were right on the edge as well.  Of course I jumped into the ditch and he tore off squealing tires and laughing his butt off I'm sure.  The windows were too dirty for me to see the driver and I had my old glasses on so could not read the license plate.  I WILL recognize the truck when I see it again!!!!!  This is why I don't listen to music on my walks...there is no shoulder for most of the way and there are enough people who think it's fun to scare you.  I need to be able to hear them coming up behind us.  Luckily the one last night was coming from the front.

Just another day in non-couch potato land...maybe I should just stay where it is a little safer?


  1. Jeez, why are people such jerks?

  2. What is wrong with people??? It's so senseless and stupid. Maybe you need a pace car to protect you.