Monday, August 24, 2009

Glory Dayz

I was going through some old photos the other day and came upon some shots of me when I was actually fit and healthy at age 18.  I know I will never look like that again - and in the case of my hair in the volleyball pic that is a very good thing.  It does give me something to shoot for though.  I still remember the time some woman turned to my Mom at a volleyball game and asked "Who is that girl with the skinny legs and big boobs?"  All my Mom could say was "Um, that's my daughter"...

Tonight starts Week 2 of my training program.  Run 2 minutes/Walk 1 minute x 10.  I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully HotRod will be able to go with me.  Gracie opened up the pantry last night and they both ate some stuff they should not have eaten.  Gracie has a cast iron stomach so nothing throws her off her feed, but poor HotRod was not feeling at all well this morning. 

I so remember the feeling of crossing the finish line first.  I wish I could bottle it and take the feeling with me every day.

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  1. I think if HotRod starts the training program with you, he will be just fine. Dogs need to be conditioned just like their humans. The only the beginning, watch the jogging surface.