Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 4 vs. Day 5 - Night and Day

Day 4 was a run/walk day, and I felt awful.  The temperature was in the 90's and I had not hydrated well enough during the afternoon.  I also had on brand new running shoes. While they feel pretty good the left shoe is just a little loose around the heel.  Of course that foot is attached to the leg with the bad knee.  I mostly just felt tired and sweaty.  No two workouts are the same, thankfully, and day 5 turned out MUCH better.  I ate more - hurray for splurge day - and drank a lot more water.  I actually felt pretty good when I was finished.  Not sure how I will do today (day 7), but I am going in thinking I will feel good and comfortable.  I know HotRod (my 3 year old whippet) is really digging the increased pace of our daily outings.  

This is me last Sunday with my friend Dawn, who had just finished the Danskin Triathlon in Seattle.  It was an incredibly inspiring day and I hope to be a participant very soon...not just a bystander and cheerleader.
This is how HotRod REALLY likes to run, but no way I can keep up with that!

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