Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Good, Louis...

I jogged and rode my bike on Saturday and took the dogs to race practice yesterday.  Practice is hard on the knees and you pretty much use every muscle in your body as you move through the day.  Depending on how many dogs you catch - you can log some serious mileage.  Every time you catch a dog you walk 150-200 yards out to the finish and then bring the dog back over that same ground.  Oh yeah...we practice on a working farm field that is usually covered in manure and yesterday was no exception - so better remember your boots!

Even with all that my knee feels great today.  It's early to get too excited over this, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Below is a picture of my puppy, Anneke, attempting a show stack yesterday - not completely successfully I might add. ö  I figure if Beth can't get her to stack properly then nobody can.

Bonus points go to the first person who knows where the subject line comes from...


  1. Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis! (Trading Places....great movie!)