Friday, March 5, 2010

I am Fierce!

Still feeling great 3 weeks after my big Birthday.  I really took the time to figure out what I want for myself, how I can improve, and things to let fall away.  A book lent to me by a friend (Younger Next Year) helped immensely ~ turns out I want to live a long, healthy, happy life.  I set out to change the things I could and say good-bye to the things I can't.  So far it is working really well. 

I have been at my job for nearly 21 years, and did not really want to go looking for another job...but was bored to tears with what I have been doing.  I decided to carve out a new job description for myself (which the bosses went for) and for the last 2 weeks it has been so much better.  I have a new found confidence that I always wanted, but did not know how to unleash.  Well...look out World...I figured it out!!

The bottom line...a better mental outlook makes you feel good.  

Still walking about an hour a day during lunch at work with my dogs, and now that the sun is out later I will be able to start my jogging routine in the evenings.  The sunshine doesn't hurt a bit either.  Sunshine = Happiness.

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