Friday, March 26, 2010

Still no running...

My blood and heart tests all came back withing normal limits.  Now what?  I'm still having these bouts with hypoglycemia, but they can't find out why.  Makes it interesting (dangerous) when I fall asleep driving or walking the busy streets around my office complex.  I am really trying to make good healthy eating choices and I am doing better.  Obviously that isn't the whole issue though since I am still feeling awful part of the time.  My mental attitude is good and that has to be a big benefit for me.  Problem is when I have an episode my brain gets fuzzy and I don't think as well or as quickly.  It's kind of funny - mentally turning 50 has been great...but my body seems to need a jump start.

Going to whippet racing this weekend, so that should get me out in the fresh air and MOVING, and that is a good thing.

Hope you all have a great weekend - get out there and move your body.

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