Saturday, August 7, 2010

This week was....

Exhausting.  It takes something like 5 minutes just to get my socks and shoes on my feet, and by that time I am dripping sweat and don't feel much like going to work.  Graduating from the crutches to an immobilizer brace has its own set of fun issues.  I have to sit on the very front of my desk chair because the brace comes up high enough on my thigh that it hits the chair and forces my leg to go straight out in front.  After a while this becomes...painful.  Friday I just couldn't get comfortable and finally got out of my chair and told my co-worker I was going to lie down on the floor.  Somehow that idea didn't appeal to her so she set up a bigger box under the desk for my foot to rest on.  Oh yea...I took some pain meds as well.  By the time I arrived home from work all I wanted to do was lie down and rest.  HotRod had other ideas so we played fetch for a while, he had dinner, and then I just called it a night.

Today I took my first "longish" drive since my surgery (just under 2 hours each way), and by the time I arrived I wanted to smash that knee brace and I had a (gasp) cankle.  I did get to see Anneke and had some whippet puppy physical therapy, so I was feeling better on the drive home. 

Whippet PT is just what the Doctor ordered.  Just don't try to imagine what it took for me to get back on my feet after sitting in the grass. It was not a pretty sight.

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  1. deer Su,

    i hopz yer leg heels up reel qwik like so u can run arund with hotrod and anneke.