Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bazinga! 2.6 today...

It looks like I will get out tomorrow - one week after coming in to the ER with a PE.  In a way I am a little bit happy because it is nearly 100 degrees out and I would struggle with that when completely healthy.  BUT...the food is getting old and I want some chocolate and an iced mocha.

This week has had interesting ups and downs, and lucky for me I have actually had very little pain or discomfort.

One funny little story from early in the week...I had a visit from a man I know through whippets - and we have only met a few times.  He was here while I was being transferred from ICU to PCU, and they had him push my stripper pole (I mean my IV pole).  Once at the new room they shut the door, and told him to wait outside because I was on the commode.  Really?  Seriously?  Then they started talking bed pans and stool softeners.  Ceannie was great about it and told me a few fun stories about his stays in the hospital, so we are all good.  You can see a pic of us taken in ICU in an earlier post from this week.

I have only had one day where I really felt a little bad - other than the initial incident of course.  That wan't fun and I do NOT wish to repeat.  There was another woman in ICU the same times as I was there, that had absolutely uncontrolled pain with her PE, so I count myself as very, very lucky.

I sell electronic components for a living, so I am getting real life exposure to all of the medical machines we sell parts for - and some work better than others.  Everything is bar codes and computers and my wrist band does get scanned many times during the day.  I am grateful they let patients use computers and cell phones in here...cause the alternative would be damn boring!

More tomorrow once I get sprung.

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