Saturday, January 16, 2010

I not only fell off the wagon, but...

I lay prostrate in the mud and played dead for the last 3 months.  I have found it extemely difficult to get going again - oh I spent plenty of time talking to myself about it and beating myself up over it - but just couldn't get back out there.  This morning it took me about 20 minutes of arguing between my good self and my bad self before I made the correct decision to get up and go walk/jog/run.  Then I dawdled around for another half hour and finally figured if I didn't do it today I might never achieve my goals, and that is a pretty good motivator.  As soon as I started to put on my running clothes HotRod went crazy knowing he was going to go RUN!  I couldn't disappoint him so out we went.  I wasn 't quite as out of shape as I thought, but nowhere near where I was at the end of September.  I have my work cut out for me if I am going to get through that half marathon at the beginning of May.

Of course right after I ran we left to have lunch with friends at Chinooks - a nice restaurant down at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle.  I was good though.  Instead of ordering chicken fettucini I had the chicken caesar salad and a cup of chowder.  Oh...and the pilot bread they serve right when you sit down.  It is to die for!  Sunday mornings are good too because they bring you fresh scones with orange butter.  YUM! 

All in all I did pretty well today.  Now it has to become a daily habit. I need to remember just how good it feels to be "really" in fit shape.

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  1. One of the best motivators I have found; when Nothing else can get me moving... Is I HAVE to do it "for the pets."
    They depend on us for a lot... both physically and Especially - Emotionally.

    I know it sounds silly - but it works for me. Reminding myself that They need me, Keeps me from spiraling low for too long.

    It sounds like in HotRod you have an Excellent Motivation team mate !