Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hopes and Dreams for 2010...

I have thought about this for a while, and what I decided to wish for myself in 2010 is happiness with what I have in my life.  I have much that is wonderful, and yet I am often yearning for something more...more money, more energy, more "things".  But when I get more things it just leads to me wanting more. I just need to change my mindset and CHOOSE happiness.  Yeah..I know it is awfully easy to say, but if it was easy I would have already done it for myself years ago.  I stress and obscess over the most trivial of things, so when real stress comes along I have no way to cope.  Well I guess I do cope with food and beverage.  Not the best way to be happy with myself I gotta tell you.

I have laughed with good girl friends over the last couple of days trying to decide whether or not I would want a relationship if a good man came along. Good question and I thought a lot about it.  It would take a pretty strong character to break into my very "set in her ways" world.  At my 30 year High School Reunion I completely freaked out one of the guys I graduated with in 1978 (if you are reading this ~ Hi Pat!) who couldn't fathom the fact that I have never been married and have no children.  A fact that seems not un-natural to me, but was so outside his frame of reference as to be completely odd.  But the fact is I have a good life - just different than what they taught us was the norm when we were little girls.  And thankfully that norm has changed quite a bit in the last 30 years.  I was able come up with 4 things that would be good reasons to have a guy around...
  • I would love to have someone to help drive on long trips
  • I would love to have someone who can do the heavy lifting (especially at the end of those long trips!)
  • It would be great to have someone to fix the toilet or other things when they break
  • It would be great to have someone to exercise the dogs when I am tired or sick

Hmmmm...I guess I will have to keep trying to think of good reasons...If anyone has any additional thoughts on this question they are welcome to post them here on my blog.  :0)

I wasn't going to say anything about 2009 since the less said the better, but there are a couple of things.  I am so grateful for my Dad's recovery from his heart attack and quadruple bypass at the end of September.  He continues to grow stronger every day and I finally was able to visit with him today after missing Christmas.  I would like to say a final good-bye to my Gracie girl - I miss her very much.  A number of friends also lost their whippets in the last year - Shadow, Jarmir, Spot, Monkey, and Dylan.  You are all loved and missed.

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to one and all.  I hope your 2010 is full of love and passion.  I intend to continue with my running and healthy eating and most especially positive thinking.  This time next year I plan to be healthy, fit, and having the time of my life.  I turn 50 in about 6 weeks and it is going to be fantastic!


  1. I would need to be someone very special to change the single way, although there are many times that I would welcome the change.

    I wish you the greatest happiness in the coming year(s).

  2. I am really proud of each and every thought here, darlink! It's a great attitude with which to begin the new year. I join you in raising a cuppa (tea in my case) to miss Gracie, who was a bright light in my life, and a pleasure in my hands. Hugs to you.


  3. Wonderful thoughts for the New Year, Sue !
    Seems to me that you are doing Right Well at handling life - don't you ever doubt that.

    I have only dodged the "never married and no kids" bullet by virtue of a very brief marriage in the late 80s. It only lasted as long as it did because WA law required a 3 month 'cooling off / reconciliation period' before the court date could be set. I was married exactly 10 months and 20 days - out of which I lived with my ex for 3 1/2 months.
    So while I, too have no children... I was 'married' if you could call it that.

    The Only thing that I have truely good reason I have found for having a man in my life - other than companionship - is

    - the mechanic/plumber/electrician/carpenter thinks I DON'T know what's what when I pay someone to do the work for me.

    Never have known a man to be treated like an illiterate child when they pay for work... and so Men Can be useful for dealing with some tradesfolk...
    Mostly I just do the work myself if I can. And if I have to call in 'back up' it makes me all the more angry and more trouble than I am worth - - - so the work gets done Quick then !

    Don't let Anyone tell you you "need" a man - they are nice to have around - if you can find the right ones - but good men friends or relatives are just a useful.
    A Good friend regardless of gender is the Best.