Sunday, November 1, 2009

Runner Girl is back...

I had lost my focus and momentum over the last 6 weeks due to multiple stressors, but I'm back.  This morning I ran my first 30+ minute training run, and it felt good - both physically and mentally
Friday I worked out on the treadmill upstairs, and it wasn't bad.  I have been worried about how I was going to keep my training up during the long, dark, rainy winter - and had lost my will power over food yet again.  Last week I ate a whole package of Oreo cookies - the cream ones not the chocolate.  I love them!!  Today I feel much better and will get some healthier foods in the fridge to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I am on my way up to see my Mom & Dad, so hopefully she has not baked anything I can't resist.  That Woman can COOK! 

In one month I will walk the half at the Seattle Marathon.  My friend, Maureen, is going to walk it with me.  I am looking forward to it...but it is going to be COLD.  Then it will be the Jingle Bell Run in Bellingham WA on December 12th.  I am also registered to run the half at the Vancouver BC Marathon next June.  That should be good motivation to keep me going!

I am so glad I started down this road - it feels good to take control.

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