Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not the best week for running...

Or anything else for that matter.  I have not run or even stretched since the race last Sunday.  I gave myself Monday & Tuesday off...and then my Dad ended up in the hospital on Tuesday night.  He had a stent put into one coronary artery, and then a quadruple bypass on Thursday morning.  He had no symptoms whatsoever, and the surgeon told them they are seeing more and more that diabetes masks the symptoms.  I'm thinking I should have my heart tested...I don't have diabetes but I do have sleep apnia.  It wouldn't hurt since I just started my little exercise program.  I also have a little flutter that makes me cough every once in a while.  My Dad just said "Oh, you got that from your Grandma Hopper".  Great. 

I am on my way out to run right now.  I have found that I missed it this week. 

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