Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How JueSue got her groove back...

Not really, but it made a great sounding title wouldn't you say?

Still not doing well on my running for a number of very valid reasons.  I had to euthanize my whippet, Gracie, on Monday night.  That is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but I couldn't watch her suffer anymore.  Hopefully she is having a great time chasing bunnies pain free now. 

Last night I took a run and was suppose to do 18 mins run, 1 min walk, 12 mins run.  Wow!  I could barely run for 5!  Everything hurt so I just decided I could give myself a break for now and not push it.  I will get to where I was, but it will take time.  Of course it is pretty much dark when we finish now, so I will have to move my workout indoors or run at lunchtime and force my co-workers to endure my sweaty self all afternoon. Either way I will not stop.

Oh yeah...most of you won't know who the heck JueSue is.  Well, in my family there are 6 kids (now old farts) and the names are Jim, Jon, Julie, Jeff, Jerry, and Sue.  Can't you just hear the song 'One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn't belong'?  In correct order I come after Julie. I fought like hell at age 6 to get Mom & Dad to name the youngest Michael, but it was a no go.  My parents and brothers would always say the wrong name first - so either JueSue or SueJue.  Some of my friends thought that the perfect way to give me a J name, so now I am JueSue to the Bellingham gang.  I rather like it.


  1. I am so sorry. I know you must be missing Gracie. I lost my heart dog Charlie in July and am facing a difficult decision with one of my other dogs. Hopefully, Gracie has found Charlie (aka Carlos, aka Chuckles) and they are both running free.

    Going to our Nationals set me back on running, but taking pictures for 2 days straight has identified muscle groups that I didn't know I had.

  2. I am still in total shock. I'm so sorry Sue. It has been a bad year for good dogs.

    Keep running.

  3. I know Patience. My roommate lost her old girl about a month ago, her sister lost her old girl, and another friend lost her boy Spot - who just happened to be a Gracie look-a-like. Somehow I thought Gracie could live through anything since she rallyed so many times.