Monday, October 12, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away.....

I can't seem to get myself back together after the last two stressful weeks.  My goal is to go backwards to the week before I ran my 5k and start over.  I tried several times to run last week and I just didn't have it - my feet hurt again, couldn't breathe, basically looked and felt like I was in the first week or so of training.  I brought my mountain bike back from sister Julie's yesterday, so will have another way to exercise this winter when it's too dark to run outside.  I am going to get a trak stand and use it indoors.  My oldest brother will also send the Nordic Trak back to me.  This old machine has made the rounds of most family members over the years, but is still in pretty good shape.

My Dad is out of the hospital and into a rehab facility in Stanwood  and will hopefully be home in no time.  I think the fact that my sister refused to bring him a computer to use while he's there will give him the motivation to get stronger and get HOME!  Mom is coping, but very tired. 

Wish me success in my renewed focus on my work out schedule.  I'll (of course) let you know how it goes.

Hopefull I won't have to run in anything resembling last year's snow this winter - I'm pretty sure I would stay indoors and drink hot toddies instead!  Here is a shot of the front steps on Christmas Day 2008. 

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