Thursday, July 1, 2010

How am I going to do everything...

With a big straight brace on my leg. It covers a whole lot more than just my knee. For instance...just to get out of the driveway I have to get in the car, drive to the gate, get out of the car,  open the gate,  get back in the car, drive through the gate, get out of the car, close the gate, and finally get back in the car.  At this point I have only gone about 50 feet.  Then getting out of the shower will be a real trip - possibly literally a trip!  First I step up and over the edge of the shower, then step down about a foot to a raised step, and then step off that to the floor.  Bella, my cat, is always right there trying to trip me up to get my attention.  She will need to be locked out of the bathroom.  Anneke will go stay with my friend, Susan, who is her breeder until I get comfortable on my feet.  HotRod gets to stay because he won't be a problem with her gone.   Another friend, Shirley, will take HotRod if I need her to - but I'm pretty sure he won't bump me too much...Thank You so much Susan and Shirley.  Most likely I will have to stay upstairs in my roommate's spare bedroom so I don't have to climb stairs and make sure I don't fall and can't get up. Thank You to Gail for taking care of me.  I think I will need to practice with the brace before the surgery to see what I can and can't do.  A cane might be the right thing to help me get safely out of the shower.  Only 26 days and counting til my surgery.  I don't think I am looking forward to this at all.

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