Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going backward a little this week...

The last few days my breathing has been more difficult again and I am coughing a lot more.  I will be taking it easy and hopefully this will get better in a few days.  I have an appointment at the anti-coagulation clinic on Wednesday, so I will be sure to ask them about it.  They did tell me I would have ups and downs, so I just need to go with it and try not to over do anything.

I am going to our local race meet in Roy WA tomorrow in order to see Anneke run the oval...but all I will be doing is sitting and watching.  I won't be able to help anybody with their dogs.  I know everyone will help me stay on the straight and narrow!  I have some great friends in the racing community and I appreciate all their help and concern.

Still waiting until I get the results of my upcoming echo before I can really do much more than ride the exercise bike and walk a little with HotRod.  I am getting a little antsy...but must follow directions to keep moving in the right direction.  My goal is full and complete recovery. 

Hope you are all having a great weekend out there!

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