Sunday, September 19, 2010

One step forward...two steps back...

As if breathing wasn't difficult enough I developed a wicked head cold this week.  I had some of the worst sinus pain I have ever had on Tuesday, and because of the Coumadin I need to be careful what I take for said pain.  I did try a couple of things, but they didn't help.  I decided I would just have to wait it out, and finally Wednesday afternoon the pain became much more bearable.

Here is it Sunday and I am still congested, froggy, and coughing.  I am hoping I will be better next week so I can start making use of my Y membership.  I'm even looking forward to using the pool.  I'm not much of a swimmer, but it will probably be the best thing for me.

Hopefully I will be able to break out of this funk and get back on the road to recovery, but right now it just doesn't feel like it will happen any time soon.

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