Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Doctor thinks it's all in my head...

All of the tests they ran after my low blood sugar episodes came back within normal ranges.  She was suppose to call me again so we could decide what to do...but haven't heard a thing.  I made the decision to change my diet so I am eating as if I am hypoglycemic.  So far I don't feel great...but it's only been a day. This is not easy for me because carbs are so wonderfully tasty and satisfying, but I am trying to come up with meal plans that include the acceptable foods.  I went through the lists and pulled out the foods I like that are acceptable and will work from there.  I started a food diary today - and it mostly says feel shaky and dizzy over and over and over.  I am feeling a bit better in the last hour or so, so I need to build on that. 

HotRod says cut the whining and just do whatcha gotta do.  Getting old sucks!

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